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  • Football Pool Manager 2020 v6.105 ($25) << Purchase >>  
      Please note: You will be redirected to MyCommerce website, which will provide a secure web transaction for this purchase.   After your purchase, you will receive a temporary registration code from MyCommerce, but a permanent registration code will be emailed to you via LarsTech within 24-48 hours or your purchase.

    The downloaded program includes the 2020 schedule.   If you haven't downloaded the program, click here and install the program before the purchase.
      If you have any technical support issues with the program or with the purchase, please contact to settle any issues or inquiries.  
  • $10 off coupon for any previous version  
      If you have any previously registered version of Football Pool Manager, you can request a $10 off coupon to the latest version.  Just email LarsTech by clicking on the Coupon link on the right and include your current registration code in order to receive this offer.  
      Note: All sales are final. Please install and run the program before making your purchasing decision.