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  Here are the fixes and updates for 2014:
  Updated: When a pick sheet is only partially completed, then a small asterisk is placed next to the user's name in the Open Selections panel.

  Here are the fixes and updates for 2012:
  Updated: For Confidence Pools, added Move Up and Move Down buttons to the Picks Toolbar. When a selection is highlighted, pressing Move Up will swap the ranking with the selection above it. Likewise, pressing Move Down will swap the ranking with the selection below it.
  Updated: Made it easier for users that mistakenly setup their master installation as a client to change it back to a master install.

  Here are the fixes and updates for 2010:
  Updated: Moved default database location to the Common Application Data folder for Vista and Windows 7 compatibility.
  Updated: The Pick Screen has an option to email the users that have not filled out their pick sheets. This requires the email option to be configured in the pool setup and the members have their email addresses added to their profile.
  Updated: Added a "+" or a "-" to the tie difference value for the week standings for each player. This only applies to the week standings, not the seasonal standings.
  Updated: Creating new weeks in the schedule will default the Picks Locked option to off for that new week.
  Updated: The spread possibilies for each game has been increased to a maximum of 99 1/2 points.

  Here are the fixes and updates for 2009:
  Updated: Added a "Possible Winners" form on the main menu. This shows a panel of the week's games and by selecting a winner, the member's standings are updated on the right panel.
  Updated: Improved the helmet designs and colors.

  Here are the fixes and updates for 2008:
  Updated: Added a "Missing Pick" option to the selection form. When entering the pick as "missing", the game will register as a "Loss" in both straight and confidence pools.
  Updated: Moved the "Pool Rules" tab to the front of the Options form so that it isn't as buried from within the program.  Also added "Just Pick Winners & Losers" option as an opposite choice to the "Use Confidence Rankings".
  Updated: Changed the screens and reports for the Straight Pools, which didn't need the Points columns.
  Updated: Changed the tab order for the Game form from Away Score to Home Score to Save button.
  Updated: Increased the number of characters allowed in the city and team name fields to make it easier to enter college schools.

  Here are the fixes and updates for 2007:
  Updated: New team helmets with more accurate colors. San Diego Chargers have new helmet for 2007.
  Updated: Got rid of "Week Status" form and the pool administrator now has direct control of the opening and closing of the week from the toolbar. Only pool administrators get the "Picks Locked", "Week Completed", and "Pool Setup" buttons on the toolbar.
  Updated: Also on the toolbar, pool administrators can lock and unlock access to the picks. This is a change from earlier versions where the pool administrator opened and closed network access. Made modifications to other parts of the program that were affected by this change from the network being closed to the picks being locked philosophy.
  Updated: Moved the access to the Pool Setup form from the Pool Center screen directly to the toolbar.
  Updated: Made slight modifications to the Member and Team screens in respect to their icon frames. It's a little cleaner and pleasant to look at than before.

  Here are the fixes and updates for 2006:
  Added: Ability to upload webpages to a webserver via FTP.
  Update: Modified interface slightly with Screen Bar, LarsTech logo, and enhanced the toolbar for easier navigation between weeks.
  Update: Added status bar information for number of members, games, and teams for each respective screen.
  Update: Updated Pool Center screen with more distinguishing icons.
  Update: Modified Entry Form screen to check mark games that are included on the public entry form.
  Update: Modified Registration Form to help avoid extra characters from being entered.
  Fixed: Couldn't delete teams without an error message.

  Here are the fixes and updates for 2005:
  Update: Interface updated with new color scheme.
  Update: Moved "Comments" section from the Print form to a toolbar menu, and made the comments visible on the user screen.
  Added: Pool Administrator the ability to add or remove games from the Entry Form, without affecting with the game schedule.
  Added: Pool Administrator option to force only completed pick sheets to be saved.
  Fixed: Problems with the Selection Form, when clicking "Reorder By Rank" would sometimes leave rank values in their previous row.
  Fixed: Problems with the Selection Form, when resorting the games, the latest lines wouldn't show in the Selection column
  Fixed: When Week Entry Fee is $0, member with selections would still show up "Unpaid."
  Here are the fixes and updates for 2004:
  Fixed: "Forecast Winners" screen was visible to network users when the network was open. It is now not visible until the Pool Administrator closes the network.
  Fixed: Network Users can now change their password. Network Users can go to the Members screen, highlight their name, and select "Change Password" from the Action Menu.
  Fixed: The "Forecast Winners" help screen says the information is based on which tie breaker game is set, which is not true. The "Forecast Winners" screen is based on the last game in the schedule. The language in the help screen is updated.
  Fixed: When changing the point spread from something to "no line", the change was accepted, but the screen wasn't updated.
  Fixed: When changing which game is the tie breaker game, the screen wasn't updated properly.
  Fixed: When changing the custom keys used for the Selection Form, the Selection Form was ignoring the change.
  Fixed: If all members are marked "Plays For Free", an error message was appearing when trying to view the "Pool Accounting" screen.
  Fixed: If a member is NOT marked as "Plays For Free" AND the Season Entrance Fee is set to zero, then on the "Members Finances" screen, their season status was still showing up as "Unpaid"
  Fixed: The word "miscellaneous" was misspelled on the Pool Accounting screen.
  Fixed: The Pool Administrator user can be made Inactive, which could create a situation where with Network Security turned on and no other members designated as Pool Administrators, the database might be inaccessible. This was corrected.