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  About LarsTech...  
  LarsTech sells entertainment programs for the Windows operating system.  LarsTech has been selling shareware software since 1994.  Providing high-quality, user-friendly software is the top priority.  
  If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to .  LarsTech will respond to all email inquiries and registrations.  If you do not get a reply within a timely manner (usually within 24 hours Mon - Fri), then please check your spam blocking software.  
  LarsTech does not sell or make available any private information to any third parties.  Period.  You will only receive an email when you purchase a product, request technical support, or have comments for the product or service.  
  LarsTech does not participate in spam marketing, nor shares any email addresses with any 3rd parties. But, when purchasing a product and/or communicating with tech support, you have to configure your email to receive LarsTech.com emails.  Some requests for information go unanswered or registration information not received because emails from LarsTech are being rejected by spam filters.  
  LarsTech does not like spam, and wish it would just go away.